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How Can I Learn ClickFunnels the Quick & Easy Way?
In this extensive free training, you will learn how to set up your website (funnel) on ClickFunnels and create a funnel that gets more leads and sales, step-by-step, without ANY expenses. Whatsoever.
Lesson 1
Picking the Right Funnel for Your Business
Learn exactly which type of funnel layout is best to maximize your conversions, whether your goal is to generate leads, sell more, or get more appointments.
Lesson 2
How to Utilize Templates to Avoid Starting from Square One
You will learn how to start with a proven template that has been tested across multiple industries world-wide to best fit your business, services, and products.
Lesson 3
Connecting Your Email System to Collect Leads On Autopilot
Learn how to connect your email system so that you can collect leads on autopilot and know that your funnel is producing measurable results.
Lesson 4
How to Connect Your Funnel to Your Domain
I will teach you how to point your funnel to your domain name. This link can be separate from your current website or it can replace your website so you can save money on your hosting bill.
Lesson 5
How to Set Up A Payment Form
Learn how to set up a payment form so you can collect customer name, address, number, email, and credit card information.
Lesson 6
How to Set Up A Payment Processor
Learn how to set up a payment processor quickly so you can start selling products and services FAST! This includes memberships and free trials.
Lesson 7
Drive Traffic to Your Funnel
Learn 6 ways to drive traffic to your new sales funnel using social media so that people are aware of it and can visit to find out more about your business.
Lesson 8
Analyze Your Results
Find out how to analyze your results and ROI so you know how well your funnel is performing.
This Includes Over 4 Hours of FREE Training
  •  Choose the RIGHT funnel for your business
  •  Utilize proven templates to jump start your results
  •  Connect to your email system
  •  Collect payments from customers so you can get PAID
  •  Get traffic to your new funnel 
  •  Measure results and ROI (and more)!
Plus, These Bonuses!
Bonus 1: Facebook Ad Strategy
This bonus will teach you my secret Facebook ad strategy, including the BEST way to set up your Facebook ads to maximize ROI, getting more leads for a fraction of the price.
Bonus 2: Secret Funnel Strategy
This free training teaches how to boost product sales by 540% using data and science after analyzing over 2 million funnels.
Bonus 3: How to Retire In 100 Days ($997 value)
You will receive over 40 hours of free training on how to retire in 100 days. All tactics, strategies, and email swipe files are included.
Bonus 4: Unlimited Email Support ($197 value)
Enjoy access to our support desk where you can ask any question to get un-stuck when it comes to your funnel.
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